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This is basically what I do for a living: CD covers, movie posters, show posters, T-shirts, DVD covers, book covers, stickers and the like. I like to draw on paper with traditional pen and ink, using a crowquill. I’m known to work with a loud, in-your-face, overblown approach, but I can tone it down for the kids. (I did cartoon work for Nickelodeon magazine for most of it’s run). I love creating crazy posters and punk rock art, so hire me and support an artist. This do this. Get ahold of me and we’ll figure this out. Don’t be shy. I’m a reasonable fellow. Rates vary, depending on what the heck it is I’m creating for you. Email me: cartoondepot [at] earthlink [dot] net





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  1. pmoriarity says:

    As far as trying to leave replies to any images or posts here:
    My advice is- “Don’t bother”. The spam that bombards WordPress
    in the comments sections are about 95% junk to 5% actual correspondence.
    I tried pretty hard for quite a while , keeping up with deleting
    the fake comments/spam and sorting out the genuine commentary,
    but because of my time, and the volume of spam, I no longer moderate.
    The result- I don’t look at, or allow comments anymore.
    The best way to reach me is by my email address or phone.
    My contact info is on the CONTACT page. THANKS!!
    Feel free to drop me an email. I look forward to communicating
    with a real person. ha!

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