A Tribute to Bad Lyrics

A Tribute to Bad Lyrics

$15.00 plus shipping

This is actually a music CD but it does contain a 16 page comicbook, written and drawn by Pat. The 22 track CD features 22 acts, mastered by NIRVANA producer Jack Endino. It also has a hidden track.
Limited edition of 500, signed and numbered.


“Pat Moriarity put this together; I only mastered it… but while doing so I slowly came to the realization that this is the GREATEST RECORD EVER MADE BY HUMANS.”— NIRVANA Producer Jack Endino

Some unsolicited testimonials:

“I listened to the “Bad Lyrics” CD, and it is really an amazing artifact. Some of the treatments are absolutely brilliant. If I were still reviewing albums for some publication, I’d report “This is a veritable Watts Tower of lyrics and musicality!” or “This proves that excrement is composed of the same materials as the finest feast anyone has ever savored.”—satisfied customer in Washington

“I slipped a few tracks onto my wife’s ipod playlist without her knowing. She came back from work that day feeling confused, disturbed, and musically violated. Yeah it was awesome.”—amused husband in Iowa

“My personal favorites are Daniel Davies (Dave Davies’ son) covering the infamous song-poem “Gymanasium Girl” as an aching Jeff Buckley-esque song of longing, and Tim Gazaway turning Rodd Keith’s “Space” into a 100% convincing piece of Southern-fried boogie rock. It’s a great package, and totally worth your $$.”—song poem enthusiast in Minnesota

“ I just got the CD yesterday…I almost got pulled over by a cop cuz I was laughing so loud, he thought I was on a cel phone…I was listening to “Radio Heaven”…Pat, it’s a masterpiece of collecting and production!!”—Mary in Encinitas

More info on this project, such as it’s conception, musicians involved, etc can be found on my blog page. I put a link to it in the comments section.

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